Cloud VPS

A Reliable, Flexible,
Scalabel VPS Solution

Btrack offers customization and configuration for all your business needs
and is committed to maintaining the highest service levels and a reliable client-centric approach.

Product Benefits

Enjoy Increased Power, Flexibility, And Control Over Your Business

Each Cloud VPS has its own resourses such as CPU, RAM etc.

Cloud VPS enables users to scale up or down.

VPS Cloud is more secure as it has isolated/dedicated RAM, CPU, etc

Dedicated IP

Product Features

Cloud VPS Tools To Help You Scale Up

Our cloud VPS tools are designed to empower your business with flexible and scalabel solutions.

Dedicated Allocation of Resources.

Robust Service for a Reasonable Price.

Flexible CPU, Storage, Data Transfers, and Guaranteed RAM.

Options of Choosing Windows or Linux hosting

Root Access

VPS Dashboard

Interface which keeps you on top of things

Our splendid dashboard keeps you up to date with what's happening with your server, your process, and the entire system, which always keeps you in control.

Our real-time analysis, desktop, and mobile dashboards help you be on top of things, no matter where you are.

BTRACK Advantages

Some Splendid Advantages To Build Strong Online Presence

VPS gives you access to more resources, thereby allowing you to scale the resources as your business grows. It comes with many potential benefits - better reliability, superior security, improved performance and an uptime guarantee, etc

How VPS will benefit you for your business in all industries

VPS: The Need Of Every Industry

Software and Web Development

With Btrack India's VPS solutions, boost your productivity and take your software and web development projects to the next level. Our lightning-fast servers, optimized for performance, provide the ideal environment for coding, testing, and deploying your applications. With flexible resource allocation and robust security features, you can focus on what you do best while we care for your hosting needs.

Chartered Accountants

As a chartered accountant, data security and accessibility are paramount. Btrack India's VPS solutions offer secure and scalable platforms to host your accounting software, ensuring your financial data remains confidential and always available. With our reliable infrastructure and efficient support, you can streamline your operations and confidently serve your clients.

Distributors and Dealers

Efficient communication and seamless operations are vital for distributors and dealers. Btrack India's VPS solutions provide the perfect platform to manage inventory, track sales, and coordinate with suppliers. Our high-speed servers guarantee minimal downtime and smooth order processing, enabling you to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Retail Chains

Retail chains demand a robust and scalable hosting solution to support their online presence. Btrack India's VPS solutions offer the necessary resources to handle high website traffic, manage inventory databases, and ensure a seamless customer experience. With our advanced caching techniques and reliable performance, you can provide your customers with a lightning-fast online shopping experience.

Game Enthusiasts

Calling all gamers! Btrack India's VPS solutions provide the ideal platform for hosting game servers, whether for personal enjoyment or to build a thriving gaming community. Enjoy low-latency gameplay, high server uptime, and smooth multiplayer experiences. With our customizable plans, you can scale your resources as your gaming ambitions grow.

Video Production

Video production requires robust hosting solutions to handle large file sizes and facilitate seamless collaboration. Btrack India's VPS solutions offer high storage capacity and blazing-fast transfer speeds, ensuring smooth video editing, rendering, and distribution. With our reliable infrastructure, you can focus on producing compelling visual content without worrying about hosting limitations.

Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies need reliable hosting to showcase their clients' campaigns effectively. Btrack India's VPS solutions provide the stability, speed, and scalability required to host visually stunning websites, run demanding ad campaigns, and handle heavy traffic. Maximize your online presence and captivate your audience with our cutting-edge hosting solutions.


Manufacturers need dependable hosting solutions to power their e-commerce platforms, manage supply chains, and streamline operations. Btrack India's VPS solutions offer the perfect balance of performance, security, and scalability. Whether selling directly to consumers or maintaining a B2B presence, our hosting infrastructure ensures your website and back-end systems are always up and running.


Choose Your Best Plan

BTrack Cloud VPS Studio

₹ 750   /User/Month

  • 4 vCore CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 Users Pack
  • 100 GB NvME Storage
  • Daily BackUp Incuded

BTrack Cloud VPS Pro

₹ 900   /User/Month

  • 4 vCore CPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 7 Users Pack
  • 200 GB NvME Storage
  • Daily BackUp Incuded

File Guard worth
350/User/Month Included

BTrack Cloud VPS Suite

₹ 1200   /User/Month

  • 4 vCore CPU
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 10 Users Pack
  • 200 GB NvME Storage
  • Daily BackUp Incuded

Employee Productivity Tool Worth
300/User/Month Included


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What Our Clients Say!

I've been using Cloud server from Btrack India Private Limited for my hosting needs, and I must say it has been a game-changer for my online ventures. The reliability and flexibility offered by their Virtual Private Servers and services have exceeded my expectations. I'm grateful to have found such a trustworthy hosting partner.

- Aditya Arora

Safecon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Security is a top priority for me, and BTRACK INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED doesn't disappoint. We are using cloud server the robust security measures in place give me peace of mind, knowing that my data and applications are in safe hands. I highly recommend to anyone in need of a reliable, high-performance VPS solution

- Ramesh Nishad

Skytech Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Btrack is advanced cloud computing services have provided us with on-demand, scalable, and reliable solutions that have greatly improved our efficiency. they always available to address our concerns. It's easy to adjust resources based on changing needs ,This would enhance the overall user experience., appreciate the user-friendly interface

- Kaushal Singh

Encore Modular Furniture Pvt. Ltd.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting uses the Virtualization technology to create an autonomous Virtual Machine with dedicated resources and full root access.

You get complete isolation with VPS Hosting. VPS also gives you guaranteed resources so the CPU, RAM, HDD, and Bandwidth allocated to your VPS package will still be available for your applications.

No, each client has its own operating system and root access and even if one client’s device crashes entirely, it won’t affect the others on the box in any way.

By Default you Get 1 IP With Your VPS

You get complete isolation with VPS Hosting. VPS also gives you guaranteed resources so the CPU, RAM, HDD, and Bandwidth allocated to your VPS package will still be availabel for your applications.

Yes, you may install any compatible software that is supported by OS and which follow our Acceptable Policy on your VPS package

Yes you can add resources and software to your VPS

As VPS request requires a restart to upgrade or downgrade your request. We can do it according to your time when the usage is low.