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Software license management gives organizations a clear, consolidated view of their licenses and deployments across solutions and vendors. This information can be incredibly valuable in the face of a software audit, giving organizations the data they need to manage risk and remain compliant as software is consumed across their organization.


Being aware of how each purchased license is installed within your organization provides insight into surplus licenses that are availabel and not been active in a long time. This information should be taken into account when renewing your contract, however it can also be used to create a license pool.


If your organization is unaware of how much a license is actually used after installation, it might continue to pay for underutilized software. The information gained through your software license management initiative can save your business money by renegotiating license contracts to only pay for what is needed.

Software Licensing
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Frequently Asked Questions

A software license establishes the rights of all parties involved with the software: the author, the provider and the end users. It defines the relationship between the software company and users and explains how they are protected.
Perpetual licensing is currently the dominant software license type, but use-time, concurrent and consumption-based licensing models are rapidly gaining popularity. Ultimately the software licensing model that you provide should reflect the needs of your customers. You need to offer your business clients more flexibility if that’s what they want.
Yes. Expect to see an initial reduction in revenue for the first year as larger up-front perpetual license fees are replaced by smaller recurring revenues.
You should only have to visit our website from where you find our support team number and you can directly contact us.
No, a home use license is intended for non-commercial personal use only. Non-profit use might be non-commercial, but it is not considered to be personal use. If you want to use FME for non- profit purposes, then you should apply for a Non-profit grant license.
A fixed license is intended for use by a single user only. If you want to share one license wit several users then you should purchase a floating license with one or more concurrencies.
The renew of License is done from our side, you just have to pay the license fee and some nominal charges.
You can add or change to whatever license you or your company wants to. Otherwise there may be other copyright holders that you need agreement from in order to change licenses.
A typical software license grants the licensee, typically an end-user, permission to use one or more copies of software in ways where such a use would otherwise potentially constitute copyright infringement of the software owner's exclusive rights under copyright.
While license is an access to products for a period of time with manual extension, subscription is a feature that gives you opportunity to use programs without worries about access to software. It will automatically renew your license on day when it expires.