Cloud Backup & Storage

A Reliable,Flexible,Scalable Backup &
Storage Solution


Btrack offers customization and configuration for all your business needs and is committed to maintaining the highest service levels and a reliable client-centric approach.


Backup & Storage provide fast 3-D processing that executes individual process simultaneously.

Secure ransome ware

Secure ransome ware protection

Active disk cloning

Active disk cloning

Install configure

Install configure forget

Quick reliable recovery

Quick reliable recovery

Advance management & monitoring

Advance management & monitoring

Complete data protection


Protect Your Business Data with Our Reliable Cloud Backup & Storage Tools

Cloud Backup & Storage

With our Cloud Backup & Storage Tools, you can streamline your data management and protect your valuable business information.

Remotely update & sync your files

Remotely update & sync your files

Share files easily

Share files easily

Keep your files encrypted

Keep your files encrypted

Storage for a lifetime

Storage for a lifetime

Full image backup

Full image backup

Data protection

Data protection across physical & cloud environments


Any to any migrations


Interface which keeps you on top of things

Our splendid dashboard keeps you up to date with what's happening with your server, your process, and the entire system, which always keeps you in control.

Our real-time analysis, desktop, and mobile dashboards help you be on top of things, no matter where you are.


Some Splendid Advantages To Build Strong Online Presence

Backup & Storage gives you access to more resources, thereby allowing you to scale the resources as your business grows. It comes with many potential benefits - better reliability, superior security, improved performance and an uptime guarantee, etc

Self Service Portal

Software based Flexible storage

24/7 Technical Support

Affordable Pricing

Backup for Any Work Load

Data Recovery and Replication


BACKUP STORAGE: The Need Of Every Industry

Chartered Accountants

A VPS will not only increase an accountant's productivity but also protect
his or her data. For those who want to move their accounting software
to the cloud, Btrack offers a dedicated hosting environment in its private
cloud infrastructure.

Distributors and Dealers

With Btrack’s VPS hosting, dealers and distributors will earn more money
with less support time and happier clients. It is possible to increase
profitability, improve service quality, and reduce support costs by using a VPS.
The result is very satisfied customers with very few support needs.

Retail Chains

With VPS packages, you have access to easy-to-use control panels that facilitate

administration tasks as you manage and maintain your business online.

This will help retail outlets save money on servers, hardware, and other utilities.

Game Enthusiasts

With a virtual private server (VPS), gamers get a lot of storage, a private
operating system, and unlimited bandwidth. Using a VPS, you can host some
of the most popular online games in the world.


Video Production

Nowadays, video is the most effective medium for delivering content.
People want to share something interesting, be creative, and have a camera.
Here's the VPS that gives you stable performance and quality video.
Btrack's VPSs are relatively affordable & you can host multiple clients
on the same physical server.


Developing software and websites is made easier with a VPS because it
comes with a host of functionalities. Controlling resources makes online
development easier. Clients can be assured of optimal digital performance
and reliability.

Software and Web Development

Developing software and websites are made easier with VPS because it
comes with a host of functionalities. Controlling resources makes online
development easier. Clients can be assured of optimal digital performance
and reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questionss

It varies from user to user, but once a week at minimum is generally considered good practice.

Businesses require more robust backup solutions than individuals. Security, first and foremost, is usually more critical for businesses not just to protect themselves and customers, but also to comply with the standards their customers (and regulators) expect. Business-facing cloud backup solutions also often offer features for managing an entire team and its fleet of mobile workstations. This assures all employees are properly and habitually backing up their workstations.

Not necessarily. For many people, just backing up your personal user files – documents, photos, downloads, videos, music etc.

Cloud backup operates by copying and storing your server's files to a server in a different physical location.

There are many reasons you should back your data up online. Local storage devices and systems can also be affected when a disaster (such as a flood or fire) strikes your infrastructure, causing data loss. Major disasters are not the only threat to your data and media. Hard drive crashes, accidental deletion, and cyberattacks are also common, but the biggest cause of data loss is human error.

Yes, One of the best advantages of online backups is the security it provides. While on-site security for the servers is top-notch, you can also expect your data to be protected from virtual threats, and your privacy treated very seriously.

Depending on your internet speed and amount of data, an initial backup can take anywhere from an hour to a week.

Cloud backup is a cloud-based application, which provides you with the ability to automatically backup your files, applications, virtual machines or servers and store them safely for disaster recovery purposes.