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Multi hosting private servers with Cpanel and WHMCS

Highly secured and hack proof private servers with BitNinja

Options available with Linux and Windows

99.9% uptime assurance

Hosted on gold processors and NVme Storage

Reduced Capital requirements for innovation access

Reduction in Infrastructure Costs.

Considerably shorter deployment time for greater return on investment.

Automatic upgrades.

Reduce operational Expenditure

Improved Scalability and Speed.


Interface which keeps you on top of things

Our splendid dashboard keeps you up to date with what's happening with your server, your process, and the entire system, which always keeps you in control.

Our real-time analysis, desktop, and mobile dashboards help you be on top of things, no matter where you are.

Our splendid dashboard keeps you up to date with what's happening with your server, your process, and the entire system, which always keeps you in control.

Our real-time analysis, desktop, and mobile dashboards help you be on top of things, no matter where you are.


Our Case Study

Geo Circle

Geo Circle is using Cloud server to grow their business. After using it they can easily access data and host their project online. It is a well known Web Design, Development, Social Media Management company which used to develop and design

Web Development & Social Media company

Digital InnoDrive Technology, New Delhi

Digital InnoDrive is using Web Hosting services, server and other services on cloud, is a diversified company that deals in one-stop digital marketing solution company. It clear Strategies, provide Real time result and advertise services to industries.

Digital Marketing Company

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Frequently Asked Questionss

Using a cloud ERP system, data is shared across a channel. A cloud ERP is more accessible and mobile compared to a traditional ERP system. Companies can download and access data in real-time from any device, enabling open collaboration among departments.

Reduced capital requirements for innovation access.
● Improved Scalability and Speed
● Automatic upgrades
● Reduction in infrastructure costs
● Reduce operational expenditure
● Considerably shorter deployment time for greater return on investment.

SaaS—also known as cloud-based software or cloud applications—is application software that's hosted in the cloud and that you access and use via a web browser, a dedicated desktop client, or an API that integrates with your desktop or mobile operating system.

For those developing a web app, cloud computing can have a lot to offer. Of course, you will need to consider issues concerning security but this model of computing can be a way to enhance your development cycle and take your operation to the next level.

Web applications developed using cloud computing (e.g. google app engine) offer inherent scalability. Also, application developers need not have to worry about the hardware setup, hosting and maintenance. Being in cloud the web applications also ensure high availability

Cloud Developers are essentially software engineers with a specialization in cloud computing. That means on top of development experience, Cloud Developers must have a solid understanding of cloud systems — not only how they operate, but how to deploy them securely, efficiently, and with little-to-no downtime.

Cloud computing is increasingly helping the retail industry by reducing infrastructure, storage and computing costs and enabling real-time access to inventory and operational data. Some of the different aspects of the use of this technology are; by helping to simplify the process.

Security of All the Business-Related Data. For a retail business, there is
1) customer's data, stock or inventory data, sales reports, etc.
2) Inventory or Stock Management.
3) Simplified Customer Experience.
4) Profitability.
5) Business Expansion.

1. No Capital Expenditure
2. Flexibility
3. Increase Mobility
4. Improves Collaboration Within Workforce
5. Environmentally Friendly

Cloud ERP, or SaaS ERP, is hosted on your provider's cloud platform and managed though Its IT team.However the On-premise ERP, on the other hand, is installed on your own hardware and servers and managed by your IT team or a partner. Businesses are increasingly adopting the cloud in terms of ERP deployment options.

IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS are three of the most suitable options when it comes to cloud computing services. With its cloud-based apps, the IT industry is transforming the trends of the corporate culture. Additional skills are required by cloud web developers to use these cloud services efficiently

The cloud has also helped address the problem of capacity planning for organizations and development teams. Applications can scale easily so developers can make updates and releases without worrying about additional infrastructure investments or setting up additional computing resources.

Cloud-based application means it functions within the cloud, acting similarly to a web-based application, but also like a native desktop application. A web-based application is when all or some of the software is downloaded from the web every time it is run.

For developers, cloud computing provides increased amounts of storage and processing power to run the applications they develop. Cloud computing also enables new ways to access information, process and analyze data, and connect people and resources from any location anywhere in the world.

Cloud computing in retail enables real-time inventory tracking and monitoring. This means you can instantly access data, check stock availability anytime from anywhere, and prevent overstocking and understocking. Cloud retail solutions also help automate order placements

Cloud gaming is becoming increasingly popular because of the increasing use of smartphones, and also these games have the potential to transport people in the fascinating world of gaming and provide unmatched entertainment.