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Accounting firms have greatly benefited from cloud computing in recent years.
In this rapidly changing market, businesses need to be able to process
and complete accounting tasks on the cloud to grow and adapt.
By reducing the workload of management, accountants can display data in real-time,
whether remotely or in the same room, and concentrate more on creativity and development.

Our Challenges

Are you Experiencing Any Of These Challenges

Data Backup

Data Security

Data Accessibility


Real time metrics

Scaling problem


How Our Solution Helps Chartered Accountants

Anytime Access from Anywhere

Real-Time Metrics

Enhanced Security

Data Backups

Time & Cost Savings

Flexibility and scalability

Automatic Updates & Upgrades

Expansion of File Storage

Chartered Account Dashboard

Interface which keeps you on top of things

Our splendid dashboard keeps you up to date with what's happening with your server, your process, and the entire system, which always keeps you in control.

Our real-time analysis, desktop, and mobile dashboards help you be on top of things, no matter where you are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud computing enables the company's staff to access their accounting data and applications through portable internet connection.

You may create and save a backup of your accounting file at any time. If you should later change your mind, we will also provide you with a backup of your data file.

Yes. Your account is accessible using PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices

Outsourcing payroll saves time and money. It is actually less expensive to have an outside service process your payroll when you factor in all the variables. You also get the peace of mind of having a payroll professional making sure that you are in compliance