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Windows VPS
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Windows VPS hosting

Better resources than a realistic hosting account.

How it works?

A Windows VPS hosting account will normally come with a various amount of concentrated or guaranteed RAM and an extended amount of burstable RAM. This burstable RAM is also an essential feature since this is user headroom for their busy times and when they need to run an application for a short period that is memory intensive.

Always have for his or her windows VPS hosting account. When BTrack mentions Windows VPS, it means a Virtual Private Server that leads the operating system from Microsoft known as the Windows Server. There is an ample of different versions of Windows server which are in use today; some are using fewer system resources than compared to others.

Features of Window VPS

Scalable hosting

Guaranteed RAM

System resources

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Advantages Of Windows VPS

A user Windows VPS account will also require storage space for their websites and files which is typically a part of the total storage present on the server.

A RAID 1 configuration is when the two or more than two hard drives are reflected making them excess and in-case of a drive failure a user still has all their data. The rest of the world can still connect best of all the data.

Unnecessary hard drive systems are far much costlier than using just one drive, and in some of the cases this feature is alone on a dedicated server and it will cost as much as a user Windows VPS hosting account.


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