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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Server Based Computing desktop operating system

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Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a virtualization technology

Hosts and supports a desktop-oriented operating system on a centralized virtual server in a data center.

It segments the desktop environment and coordinated application software from the device of the client who is accessing it. It is an excellent opportunity for hosted private cloud solutions users. While users are being connected with cloud desktops proposed via shared servers, there is a requirement for the more sophisticated and isolated environment due to the prevalence of resource-intensive applications which can cause availability and reliability issues for other customers.

The methodology of using VDI:

There are two forms through which we can approach VDI. One is persistent, and the other is nonpersistent.

The persistent form gives every user with his or her personalized desktop image; you can also do customization and make it save for the future reference. It is more or like a conventional physical desktop.

Nonpersistent VDI is uniform in nature. It provides the sequence if uniform desktop that you can access as per the requirement. The process in reversible as it returns to the original format once users log out.

Salient features of processing with VDI:


 Virtual desktop infrastructure cloud enriches the VDI users committed instances of servers like Windows server 2008 R2 or 2012 R2.

Management tool:

 It is famous for the user client management system. It sometimes is also known as the server-based computing, an alteration on the server computing model of the client

Increase productivity

The IT administrator can do the regular updates from data center itself. Thus increasing the productivity.

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