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Terminal Service +
Secure Solution for Remote Access and Web Portal

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TSplus is versatile software

User can remotely access it from any device like computers, tablets, and mobile devices

It is straightforward and easy to manage. To solve the entire difficult task and to remove the complexities of the remote access solutions, the team and expert staff of TSplus work hard. You can secure your web access with port forwarding over HTTP AND HTTPS. It has the fastest way of transferring the file from the user desktop to the TSplus server with multiple server’s connections.

Installation Of Terminal Service Plus

 You can download it free of cost, and it is widely available on SBS, XP, WINDOWS 7, WINDOWS 8, and Windows 2003 and other version of windows

The software is straightforward to intercept and the installation time is hardly 10 minutes. Admin is responsible for all the configuration and settings. There are various other functions of TSplus like universal printing, local printing and many more.

Salient Features Of Terminal Service Plus


The best thing is the transparency to the users. They receive to access the application which they are known to.

Time saving

It is a good deal as you save time and the training period also. So now you can do more for enhancing the productivity.

Cost saving

It has a high-cost benefit ratio and gives excellent performance with easy solutions

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