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Server Migration

Move data from old server to the brand new one

When you need to transmit the data between two different types of server connection, you need to pay attention in this case as it is a complicated process. Moreover, with the enhancement of the server virtualization, there is the demand of physical to virtual server migrations also. Of course, you require doing it in a more faster and reliable way. To suffice, it is done mostly at the night time and on the weekends which is also one of the hurdles in migrating information.

How between server works migration

 The most important thing regarding migration is to keep everything tested and centrally managed. Furthermore, you not only need to transfer the files but the critical metadata which is the working hand behind the scene.

It includes files, folders, local users and groups, NTFS permissions, printers, shares, attributes, settings, ownership, updated SID history. We also need to ensure the security and configurations on the target server to match with the source server.

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Features of data Migrations

Transparent process

 The instance of data migrations from one server to another within the same server management system requires little attention and worries.


It enhances the productivity as while setting up your business you don’t need to worry about data issues.


No Hidden Charges

We believe in building trust with our clients. Our Process is very straight forward and comprises no hidden charges

24/7 Technical Support

We are always committed to serve our clients with best services available with 24/7 support from the highly trained staff.

Data Security

We understand the importance of data,hence taken a lot of meaures to secure your data by taking backups regularly.

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