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Managed VPS Service

A VPS or virtual private server gives you the functionality of a dedicated server over the cloud network. Using a single physical server or node, multiple virtual servers can be created for enterprise uses. As the name suggests, managed VPS service involves complete server management by the hosting company.

The service provider takes care of maintenance aspects such as software installation, core updates, security, backup, and much more. As a business owner, you needn’t worry about management and maintenance of your server. You can instead direct your focus on core business management tasks.

BTrack offers fully managed VPS hosting that includes 99.99% uptime, easy upgrades, 24/7 support, and world-class infrastructure. So, if you are a growing business, you can increase your customer base and manage a heavy influx of traffic without spending too much of your resources with the help of our managed VPS hosting services.

BTrack Managed VPS Hosting Specialisations

Since VPS hosting combines dedicated and shared server hosting, it provides the advantages and features of both the technologies. The server is isolated and allows you to modify it depending on your business needs.

Automatic Updates

With BTrack, you can stay assured about automatic software updates and save your time. Our experts will handle the installation of OS updates, PHP releases, WordPress updates, and security patches as a part of our packages.

VPS Control Panel

BTrack provides a simple and straightforward control panel for complete server management. As a company run by professionals, we not only maintain websites but also configure the enterprise-level control panel.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

At BTrack India, we have a proven track record for providing the industry’s best server uptime. We possess enterprise-level world-class infrastructure that allows us to back up your site with 99.99% uptime guarantee.

DDoS Protection

Due to our managed services, we can provide hardened installation solutions that come with DDoS protection. Every website on our server infrastructure is protected by free SSL certificates that ensure better security.

Key Features of Managed VPS Hosting


A fully managed VPS hosting allows you to increase the resources of your server instantly by upgrading the tier of your plan. The process of upgrading is simple and fast to ensure faster scaling with the changing business needs.

Easy Management

In managed VPS hosting, the service provider takes care of server management and maintenance. You can focus on building your business and brand while the web hosting company will look after the technical aspect of it.

Server Monitoring

Managed VPS hosting allows real-time monitoring of the plan that you select. The service provider will proactively monitor the activities on your server and it will automatically open a ticket whenever you face a technical issue.

Solid State Drives

Virtual private servers work with solid-state drives or SSDs that are up to 20X faster than traditional SATA drives. It ensures high performance with storage capacity ranging from 30GB to 240GB depending on the type of hosting plan.

Unlimited MySQL Database

As a workhorse of webs database, MySQL is an important element of virtual server hosting. It offers pre-configured VPS option for optimised MySQL databases and experiences. You can set up and create databases with ease in your control panel.


Since web security is crucial to your business, managed virtual server ensures the same. In this hosting, the websites may share the physical space, but IP addresses are completely unique for each server. It is due to the isolation feature of dedicated hosting.

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