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GPU Server

With more businesses relying on graphics cards, GPU or Graphic Processing Unit servers are gaining much popularity. The implementations of the GPU dedicated server bring many advantages to an organisation.

Dedicated GPUs are application-specific, and you’ll not get them on dedicated servers by default. It is a processor chip that’s specifically designed for working on a graphics card. Usually, the clock speed of a GPU can be lower than a CPU, but there is a massive difference in the numbers of cores on each chip.

In the supercomputers, GPUs are used for general-purpose mathematical processing where research is scientific in nature. Some common use cases for GPU servers are climate simulations, structural analysis, deep machine learning, plasma physics, and mining for crypto currencies.

Features of GPU Dedicated Servers

A GPU-powered server environment enables faster 3D processing, faultless number crunching, and accurate arithmetic.

Deep Learning Solutions

With unparalleled processing power, GPU servers also offer deep learning solutions. Since your data is a valuable asset, we ensure highly secure hosting facilities to keep it safe. Hence, you can interact with your deep learning platform without any security issue.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

With the help of a VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure platform, your workforce can easily share and collaborate on various projects. It helps in delivering professional graphics software from the cloud environment to your remote workforce. Our solutions are agile and efficient.

Less Power Consumption

GPU-equipped server systems use lesser energy to accomplish the tasks. It places lower demands on power supplies. In some specific applications, GPU offers the same ability of data processing as that of 400 servers working on CPU only.

High-Performance Computing

With the growing need of integrating AI into the existing computing environments, companies need high-performance and safe computing systems that reduce time to results. We provide scalable solutions that reduce costs and optimize the right technology for specific tasks.

BTrack GPU Server Specialisations

Even Distribution

With our data centres located strategically, we ensure highly distributed and high-speed network options. It helps in ensuring maximum controlling and optimised visibility to meet every demand. Most importantly, data ingest offerings are faster with us.

Customised Solutions

BTrack designs and builds highly customisable GPU cloud environments for a diverse clientele. You can extract maximum performance from your hardware because we work directly with the vendors to balance every aspect of server environment.

Advanced Capabilities

Along with variety in network applications, BTrack provides a hybrid ecosystem to manage your server requirements. Our data solutions include powerful AI-based software and hardware systems. You have the flexibility to choose the right GPU for your needs.

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Why BTrack India?

At BTrack India, we deploy world-leading technologies to ensure high-performance computing in organisations. Our key differentiators are:

Enterprise-Level Hardware

When it comes to security and performance, BTrack India provides enterprise-level hardware to ensure both. Our high-quality hardware accelerates power and applications to optimize workloads.

24/7 Support

At BTrack, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to resolve every ticket in the minimum time possible. We are available round the clock to answer your queries and provide instant solutions.

Agile Services

BTrack believes in agility of services. We maintain speed in deliveries and responsiveness in communications at every level. With the minimum downtime, we also ensure maximised productivity for every client.

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