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FTP Storage
High Capacity Storage With Unlimited Users & No transfer Limits

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Why FTP Hosting

File Transfer Protocol is used for moving files from one database to another database or in-between computers through a network. FTP hosting can also be used to interchange documents and files from one account to another.

For Companies

FTP file storage and FTP storage can be approached online which makes it very favorable for the business and companies to transfer documents and files. This online storage can also be known as internet data storage where a user files are stored in the database of their FTP storage provider.

Depend On Usage

If we feel we cannot use the unlimited file storage or online storage capacity, we can collect a limited one and can upgrade their FTP storage later on. With the depreciating prices of broadband internet, making the use of FTP hosting for file storage is becoming popular day by day.

Cost Effective

You can easily access this online storage and FTP hosting services at very inexpensive rates.

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Advantages OF FTP storage

Back-up Alternative

FTP hosting and FTP storage is used as a back-up alternative in multi-national companies. In case, if computer software crashes, they can easily access their data in their file storage account or online storage.

Online Storage

Even though there are external hard drives, memory cards, USB flash disks and CDs that can serve as their back-up, these things are inclined to get broken or lost. To make sure a user will easily approach important data once their computer crashes, it is best to turn to online storage and FTP file storage for their backup needs.


No Transfer Limits

We provide a facility for transferring as much as data a person can as they need with no hidden files at all.

High Capacity Storage

It can store up to 100 GB of data. 100 GB storage is also provided on request of the customer.

Unlimited Users

A customer needs not to pay more users. They just need to perfect it if they need more logins.

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