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Enterprise Cloud Server
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Enterprise Cloud Servers

As a powerful virtual infrastructure, enterprise cloud servers perform a variety of critical applications. Enterprise cloud hosting refers to a computing environment designed for delivering software, platform, and infrastructural services to businesses of all sizes. Organisations around the globe heavily rely on this technology to build innovative solutions.

A cloud server uses a web-based management interface to provide better control over the cloud-based resource pool of the company. A resource pool combining storage, network, and computing devices is a location where companies can build and manage their virtual servers.

Enterprise cloud servers use virtualisation software to create multiple virtual servers from a physical server. To process workloads in this system, organisations use infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) model that helps to access the functions of virtual server remotely via an online interface.

Key Features of Enterprise Cloud Servers

Enterprise cloud server is evolving as a technology. You can leverage it for value-added offerings that delight your customers and create new experiences.

Simplified Platform

Cloud servers in IaaS model provide flexibility, so enterprises can choose their operating systems, application frameworks, and database. With effective cloud management and proper tools, it reduces the complexities of monitoring and keeps operations under control.

VPS Control Panel

BTrack provides a simple and straightforward control panel for complete server management. As a company run by professionals, we not only maintain websites but also configure the enterprise-level control panel.

Resource Pooling

The computing resources in an enterprise cloud server can serve multiple consumers using a multi-tenant business model. It has different virtual and physical resources that are assigned and reassigned as per changing business needs. It allows location independence as well.

Data Analysis

Enterprise cloud server hosting also helps in dealing with big data. It adds more business value for businesses that need information based on changing demands of their customers. With the help of Big Data Analytics, it targets specific groups for marketing campaigns.

BTrack Enterprise Cloud Server Specialisations

Faster Load Time

BTrack uses top of the line hardware and caching to store the sensitive data related to your web resources. There is a globally distributed CDN that allows two times faster speed for your website.


When traffic grows on your website, you needn’t move your hosting to different locations. At BTrack, we provide easy scaling to ramp up the resources with a simple click of button.

Easy integration of SSL Certification

The hosting packages for our enterprise cloud server come with SSL certificate from a reputed third-party provider. It not only ensures safe access to your web-pages but also increases the trust of your visitors.

Premium Bandwidth

BTrack’s network is linked to the top tier internet providers to ensure the fastest path for your data. We take your data efficiently and quickly to its destination with our 100% network uptime guarantee.

Feature-Rich Portal

Our cloud portal is designed to provide comprehensive features and ease of usage. You can oversee your security and interact with our eco-system using minimum clicks. We also constantly strive to improve user experiences.

Improved cPanel

With BTrack’s enterprise cloud server, you can manage your website and web applications with an improved cPanel. It helps to optimise the simplicity of your emails and sub-domains as well.

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Why BTrack India?

At BTrack India, we have a rapid growing data centre service that follows higher levels of business ethics to offer quality services. Our key differentiators are:


Instead of using legacy architectural configurations, we believe in operating on web services based architecture and advanced APIs for enterprise cloud hosting. It ensures easy assembling and management of new applications as well.


At BTrack, we provide automated storage components and operational capabilities to minimise wastage of time and money. It allows control of maximum operations by a single person from a single screen within minutes.


When you continue your journey to cloud hosting with BTrack, rest assured about the agility and responsiveness of the services. We strive to improve productivity and IT operations by significant margins for our clients.

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