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Data Recovery as- a- Service
Fastest data recovery for uninterrupted business continuity

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Disaster Recovery as a Service (RaaS),

Btrack cloud data centers, you can switch production workloads to machines in the event of a Full-Site Outage within seconds

Class of distributed cloud computing utilized for shielding an application or information from a disaster or disturbance in service at one area by empowering a full recuperation in the cloud.The customers can do their business as fast as possible and recover the Machine domestically with the help of physical or virtual windows and Linux system backups as a VMware Virtual Machines in case of a Single server failure.

What is in the box?

 Choosing the Btrack se¬rvice, you'll have practical, quicker calamity recuperation, cloud remote locations, and possible situations. It is one of the fastest modes of recovery for cloud and local servers.

With implicit mechanization and automation, replication, cautioning and reporting, you'll have the capacity to do disaster recuperation all the more productively amid testing and it is under real-time disaster recovery situations.

Salient Features Of Disaster Recovery

Ensure backup

The service is on high demand as more business people are moving their technical software infrastructure to cloud services. So there will always a need of backup services.

Fast business productivity

RaaS varies from backup service on the basis of cloud by securing information and giving standby computing capability. It is done due to more demand to encourage more fast recovery application, ultimately increasing your business productivity.

Self reliant technology

It is essential to have a self-reliant backup technology service which can recover your data fastly along with the assurance of being trustworthy and reliable.

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