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Desktop Sync
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Desktop Sync

Desktop Sync provides us access to create files on our computer, so that can sync them or share easily with others


The files available on Desktop Sync are considered as actual copies of files which are further selected to store in the cloud.

Multiple Device Support

Synchronization of file is considered as the awesome technique through which you can run your device smoothly.

Features of desktop sync:

Scheduling and Real-Time Backup:

Scheduling your automatic backup information is essential. You can easily set up a plan it can be like hourly, weekly, daily, or can choose monthly backups according to your needs. The Real-Time backup system allows you to store the files and documents on Windows Server for change.

256-Bit AES Encryption

Encrypt backups system is another term which can make you stress-free. Now you do not have to think more about the security features. BTrack provides you more than 256-bit strong keys on the source side. Thus by using SSL, all data that is sent to the cloud will be encrypted. This can be possible due to SSL protocols.


To reduce the compression, i.e. overhead data overhead or decreasing storage costs, with proper bandwidth and backup completion.

Block Level Backup

Backup is all about retrieving the data or modifying it by addition of new files. Through this, you can add it in existing online data pool.

Command Line Interface

For command line interface creating a decent stats or schedule the file programmatically is considered as a basic necessity. With a proper Command Line Interface, you can merge the files or integrate backup according to your schedule.

Multiple Cloud Storage Support

We are there to provide cloud storage support and for this wide number of options are available for you such as Amazon S3, Windows Azure, Amazon Glacier, Rackspace, Google storage, OpenStack, Soft Layer and many more.

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• Can easily access files on your device

• Sync Folders


Hassle Free Setup

Now instead of getting confused BTrack is there to provide the hassle-free setup. You can use ample options to streamline your process. 

No Hidden Charges

If you are thinking that it is not in your budget, then you are completely wrong. BTrack will charge no extra charges.

24/7 technical support

We understand the concept of security to maintain your privacy issues out team members are always available for your services.

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