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Dedicated Servers
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what is Dedicated server

You may think of a dedicated server as a storage unit for your web application. It helps to keep your documents, videos, and important computer files online. The web hosting company provides rental space where you can upload the files or your website for safe storage and real-time access.

Dedicated servers are ideal for medium to large businesses and websites attracting heavy traffic. They provide optimum customisation, flexibility, and configuration options to drive maximum ROI. Since the server is not shared with other users, you get stable and predictable performance for your website.

As a leading player in the industry, BTrack levels out the technical playing fields for a diverse and global clientele. Speedy response, excellent security, and consistent monitoring of server are the benchmarks of our service quality.

Managed and Unmanaged Hosting Facilities

When it comes to the technical prowess of your server, you need better control and support for hosting your website. This is where managed server hosting comes forth as a viable solution. On an unmanaged server, however, there’s no routine support from the hosting provider. Here are some key differences between managed and unmanaged dedicated servers.

Managed Server Hosting

Managing a server needs technical expertise and time. The service provider, in most of the cases, takes care of server-end responsibilities, including maintenance, core updates, and software installation. As a business owner, you can divert your attentions to core functionalities of your enterprise.

Managed server hosting is a hands-free approach and a go-to solution for enterprises that needn’t worry about server-related issues. BTrack offers complete support for server monitoring, back-ups, server configuration, maintenance, and security.

Unmanaged Server Hosting

In an unmanaged server facility, the hosting provider offers no or negligible additional services. Here, you’ll simply get a server that comes with operating system. Unmanaged hosting is perfect for applications that need special tuning and tweaking of the server. It’s cost-effective and you can add any software that you need depending on your technical expertise.

If you find it exhausting to manage the control from the scratch, you should better switch to managed hosting that gives a hand if something goes awry & you’re struck.

Btrack Dedicated Service Specialisations

Optimum Performance

BTrack’s dedicated servers are tuned for optimum performance to bring maximum power and new functionalities to your business. The resources will be allocated to you as our servers are created, assembled, and managed by our in-house teams.

Fastest Speed

Our dedicated servers are custom built with the help of open source technology like Open Stack. It offers complete flexibility to manage and upgrade server performance over time. Thus, you can experience faster speed when running your applications online.

Speedy Provisioning

With the help of our specialists, we build and install your server in the fastest time possible. The deployment takes place in our data centres and connection to the network takes 24-72 hours. The high-resilience network and faster installation ensures continuity of services.

Improved cPanel

BTrack’s dedicated configuration comes with an option to upgrade the cPanel-based interface. It facilitates management of websites, emails, and web applications from a centralised location. Our Control Panel includes website statistics, password protected directories, custom error pages, redirect URL, and lots more.

Storage Upgrades

The advanced cPanel interface allows increased storage on your dedicated server. We provide real-time and on-the-go server storage without any major assistance needed from the server admin. Hence, you can store important data to access it anytime from anywhere.

Dedicated Support

With Btrack, you’ll get efficient and expedient support from specialised agents. Our support specialists are trained to assist with issues and queries related to dedicated hosting. We ensure optimum support and assistance to our clients.

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Why BTrack India?

At BTrack India, we take pride in our expertise and experience in installation and management of dedicated servers. We deploy the latest technology stacks to ensure optimum performance, scalability, and durability of the systems.

Unique Solutions

ure Instead of using legacy architectural configurations, we believe in operating on web services based architecture and advanced APIs for enterprise cloud hosting. It ensures easy assembling and management of new applications as well.

State-Of-The-Art Network

When you connect with BTrack, you get access to great bandwidth and speed wherever you go. We have a sophisticated global network that allows impressive core uptime and optimum available capacity for our clients.

Data Backup Support

Our dedicated servers have maximum storage space for the backups. This space is complete independent of the server to allow storage of crucial data and configuration files. It is also scalable to change with the demands of your business.

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