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Database Backup
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A database is a secure hub where you can keep your data store or can use it later on whenever needed. In simple words, it holds the duplicate copies of your operational data. You must have heard about two types of database such as physical backups as well as logical backups. In Database backing up you can process the data at operational state.

Database Backup Process

Database Replication

The process of backing up is performed through database replication which is applicable for database server or database.

Logical Backups

Talking about the logical backups it is a process take place under RDBMS, i.e. database management software.

Salient Features:

Easy Restoration:

Database administrators offer you detailed information about database copies data and logs. In physical backups, the files that are stored can be easily stored or recovered to control files or archived redo logs.

Easy Accessibility

The restore files on BTrack are easy to access; thus you can easily configure the data whenever needed.

On demand Backups

With our second generation instance, you can easily create the on-demand backups. This you can do either automatic backups is enabled or not.

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Advantages Of Data Base Backup


• The major advantage of database backup of BTrack is to process the data stored earlier. You can easily make use of your duplicate copy if in case your primary database is corrupted or crashes due to technical failure

• Another beneficial thing is that you cannot delete your on-demand backups automatically. They will keep persistent until you delete it.

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