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Where Higher Investments Meets Lack of Spaces for Physical Servers

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Colocation gives the service for servers, hardware, and other equipments

Collocation charge consists of storage, climate control, bandwidth management, power

These centers provide connectivity with various network service providers and telecommunication networks. The owners have their own IT equipment, and they provide services of cooling and power. The control of material remains in the hand of the user, but the collocation staff will manage it. It manages the service by proving space on rent in the well-equipped data centers and the coordination with staff for your assistance.

How Colocation Works

 What they do is outsourcing storage and doing management and maintenance of servers and physical hardware.

The configuration of Colocation includes cabinets, cages, suits, and modules. The other features are the presence of fire protection systems, smoke detectors, 19-inch rack, fire sprinkler system, etc.

Salient features Of Colocation

Cost saving

It is the best way to save your money from massive expenditures and by investing in reasonable space locations with service assistance.


People who have difficulty in maintaining hardware on their basis and those who don't have much space can rely on Colocation. It is an adequate way to conserve your staff precious time and company resources

Flexible approach

The facility is available for both large as well as small enterprises. The software is an excellent opportunity to grab for business owners who give massive investment on physical hardware and servers

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Advantages Of Colocation


Managed Services

 Get the space on rent in our well-equipped data center to manage your server from the experts available 24/7 to support  you.

Reduced Costs

Instead of heavy investment for the space and maintainence of servers , choose co-location on rental basis and get experts services alongwith.

No Hidden Charges

We believe in building trust with our clients. Our Process is very straight forward and comprises no hidden charges

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