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SSL security

SSL security

Security is all the thing you need in today’s time when you are browsing the internet. The Internet has become insecure and with more and more people searching for the vulnerabilities we need something which can make our browsing secure on the Internet. There are many secure things which people send over the net which can be taken down and decoded which is secured by an SSL Certificate.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. If you are wondering what are the Layers and Sockets then you will have to study how the Internet works and you will have to spend some time in understanding all the different layers available from which the data travels. SSL is a protocol that ensures that the data you are sending over the internet which will be traveling through a different medium is not going to be leaked or cracked by any medium. SSL is designed to work on both Wide Area Network and Local Area Network. It is a transparent protocol which checks for interaction from the user end in order to establish a secure connection between two computers or you can say server and the client end.

HTTP generally uses the 80 port to establish a connection with the client-end. Whereas HTTPS uses 443 port which tends to be more secure than the usual 80 port. SSL is not something which is required by all, it is required at the place which will be carrying important data which can result bad when it is altered. Most people come up with an idea of using SSL certificate in order to save the website from hacks, but SSL Certificate is not designed to save from such activities. SSL just helps to secure the data which is traveling from the client-end to the host or the server. SSL is not mending to be securing the website from hacking which is directly on the server side.

It will do help us to protect the information traveling through the website. The SSL Certificate is basically used in places such as E-Commerce platform, and places which involve the role of secured information such as credit card information or system logins and more. All the mail servers and places which involves storing of critical information either on the client side or on the server side are meant to have the SSL Certificate.

Getting an SSL Certificate is easy for it you just require a Domain from any domain name provider, and you can get a number of different SSL Certificates ranging from free to paid certificates in the market. Usually, these Certificates do carry a value and make your domain secure, it also helps to create a good impression in front of the people who will be visiting your website. The free SSL Certificates are vulnerable and are not as good as the paid ones.